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Vulvovaginal Dermatology/ Women's Health


For initial scheduling, Dr. Chibnall will request a referral and records from your Ob/Gyn, primary care provider, dermatologist, or other referring practitioner. Many vulvovaginal problems can be resolved by working with these general practitioners, so a referral to Dr. Chibnall is necessary prior to scheduling. Please let your doctor’s office know that they can submit the referring form via the following HIPAA compliant link:


Vulvovaginal health clinic referral form


Once we receive and review this information, we can get you scheduled for your first vulvovaginal dermatology consult with Dr. Chibnall. For this visit, she asks that you fill out her (extensive) paperwork at least one week prior to your appointment. These details help her better understand your experience and facilitate a productive and efficient office visit. Paperwork must be submitted no later than one week prior to your visit so that Dr. Chibnall has time to review all the information. Patients who do not submit their questionnaire on time will have their appointment cancelled and filled with another patient on our waitlist. We require a credit card on file to reserve your appointment.


It is easiest if you fill it out and submit the paperwork electronically via the following HIPAA compliant links:


Vulvovaginal clinic new patient questionnaire​​


On the day of your visit


You must arrive 15 minutes prior to the time you are scheduled. In addition to the vulvovaginal paperwork, there will be more information to complete via iPad upon arrival at the office. Any time taken away from the visit will limit Dr. Chibnall’s ability to carefully review your health and ensure that all your questions and concerns are fully addressed. We understand that it is sometimes necessary to cancel or reschedule appointments. These visits require a substantial length of time, and there is a long waiting list for new patients. Because of this, patients who do not cancel their appointment at least 72 hours prior to their scheduled time will be subject to a $100 cancellation/no-show fee. Please expect to be at the appointment for 1-1.5 hours.


If you are unable to complete the questionnaire online, please contact the office at (314) 934-3308 and ask to either pick up a copy from the office or have it mailed to you. Paperwork still must be received no later than one week prior. Once completed, it can be faxed to: (866) 240-4984



Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect at my first vulvovaginal disorders clinic appointment?


  • Dr. Chibnall will review your questionnaire with you and ask any questions that come up from the information you provide.

  • Dr. Chibnall will perform a pelvic examination, often using a speculum depending on the problem for which you are coming in. This exam is not a substitute for a regular gynecological well woman exam.

  • Dr. Chibnall does not perform pap smears and does not routinely check for HPV.

  • Preps from vaginal fluids, cultures, or biopsies may be obtained depending on the problem at hand. These specimens may be reviewed in the office or might be sent out to a laboratory for interpretation. Unfortunately, Dr. Chibnall does not control the costs of labs performed at places such as Quest or LabCorp, so any questions regarding this billing must be directed to them.

  • Occasionally, Dr. Chibnall will perform procedures such as cryotherapy (freezing treatment with liquid nitrogen), skin biopsies, surgical excisions, or lysis of adhesions in the office.

What if I am on my period on the day of my scheduled appointment?


  • Many times the exam can still be performed when you are on your menstrual cycle; however, certain tests are more difficult to interpret during menses. Please call the office and Dr. Chibnall's staff will check with her to see if the appointment needs to be rescheduled.

Can I bring someone with me?


  • No. We prefer to focus on the care of the patient during the visit. While partners should be involved and have a supportive role, Dr. Chibnall believes that the appointment should be completely and totally focused on YOU!

  • Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, but the guardian is welcome to step out of the room at the time of the physical exam.


Should I apply medicines prior to my visit?


  • Please avoid using any intra-vaginal medications for the three days prior to your appointment. This allows for easier wet prep interpretation.

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